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Reclaimed Timber Furniture
Handmade in North Tipperary, Ireland

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  Rocker Lane Workshop - Architect Designed Reclaimed Timber Furniture, Handmade in North Tipperary, Ireland
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The chair, which surely must classify as one the most uncomplicated of all human artifacts, has two simple tasks to perform to succeed in its existence.

Firstly it must maintain a level platform above the adjacant terrain and secondly it must be capable of supporting the posterior of one or occassionlly several individuals of varying age and weight.

Perhaps it is because of its simplicity that the rethinking of the chair can prove so arduous for designers. It could be compared to the challenges posed by a green field site for architects in that the initial creative freedom can easily result in a paralysis of productivity. For this reason we love restrictions and doubt if we ever could have finalised a design if it weren't for the fact that we limited ourselves the dimensions afforded us by reclaimed timber floor boards.

Working with a simple construction logic of halving joints and spliced boards our chair practically designed itself. Some curves have been included to aid ergonomics but no energy intensive processes such as steaming or laminating were used. The end result is a sturdy, comfy seat guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Reclaimed maple floorboards

Available Finishes:
1. Handmade Irish beeswax polish
(For those who love natural timber finishes and don’t mind looking after them)

2.Clear Lacquer
(for those who prefer a maintenance free finish)

Available Sizes:
555 Length x 600 Width x 900 Height

Made to Order | Price Available on Request